How We Started

Hi, we're dePuryl! We create products that not only make your skin beautiful and healthy but also calm your mind and soul while enjoying your daily skincare routine. Explore the journey of dePuryl with us! ♡

Our Story
  • Founder, Joeann

    Prefers a healthy lifestyle and appreciates what mother nature gave us. She believes that what we eat and apply will reflect on our skin. Holds a high standard on everything, if she doesn't think that the product is prefect, we will not launch it.

  • Marketing Executive, Chris

    A perfectionist who loves aesthetic things. Has a high self-expectation and always comes up with tons of creative ideas when developing marketing strategies and copywriting. A sense of accomplishment arises every time she completes her task.

Our Promises

Naturally derived ingredients

Over 85% of our ingredients are naturally derived from plant, for example: organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic aloe vera, squalane and more.

No harmful chemical added

Our skincare formulas are free of unneccessary additives. Our products contain safe and non-toxic ingredients only. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


We do not test on animal and never ask anyone to do so on our behalf. We also banned the ingredients from animal origin in our formulas.

Recyclable packaging

We have been working on minimizing our use of plastics. All of our bottles and boxes are recyclable and reusable.